Function to approximate (in a 2-norm sense) a PWA controller by another PWA controller defined over a different partition, using LMI's fed to Yalmip.


Function of MOBY-DIC toolbox.


approxOutput = pwarLMIApproxYalmip(approxInput, Ohm, S_ij, level, m)

approxInputinput structure with fields:
Poriginal partitioning, [1*nr] @polytope array object.
Fi, Gi[1*nr] cell arrays of original controller parameters, resp. [nu*nx] and [nu*1].
Hi, Ki[1*nr] cell arrays of original controller regions, resp. [nc*nx] and [nc*1].
Acell, Bcell, acell[1*nr] cell arrays containing system model matrices.
dynamics[1*nr] array linking dynamics to each cell in P.
nx, nunumber of states and inputs of the system.
rhomaxnumber of states and inputs of the system.
optionsoptions structure, see pwarApproxSettings.
Ohmapproximate (new) region, @polytope object.
S_ij[1*ns] array of indices of regions in P that (partly) overlap the current region Ohm.
levelcurrent level of refinement (for diagnostics only).
mnumber of current cell Ohm (for diagnostics only).
approxOutputoutput structure with fields:
K, k[nx*ny], [1*ny] matrices containing the controllers.
rhoachieved approximation error.
refineflag, '1' if region needs to be refined, '0' otherwise.
actioninteger denoting action taken, 1 = 'normal, approximated', 2 = 'infeasible' and 4 = 'feasible but rho > rhomax'.
diagstructure containing diagnostic information

See also

pwarApproximation, pwarLPApproxLpsolver.



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