Create/alter approximation options structure.


Function of MOBY-DIC toolbox.


options = pwarApproxSettings with no input arguments returns setting structure with default values

options = pwarApproxSettings('NAME1',VALUE1,'NAME2',VALUE2,...) creates a structure options in which the named properties have the specified values. Any unspecified properties have default values. Case is ignored for property names.

options = pwarApproxSettings(OLDOPTS,'NAME1',VALUE1,...) alters an existing options structure OLDOPTS.


 norm                - Specify norm [1|2|(inf)] to use for approximation
 stabtype            - Type of stability guarantee [(none)|ISS|CLF]
 rhomax              - Maximum error [0..inf(0.5)], definition depends on
                         'norm' and 'stabtype')
 FLyap               - Cell with parameters Fi of the Lyapunov function
 GLyap               - Cell with parameters Gi of the Lyapunov function
 performance         - Performance enforced [(0)|1]
 perfindex           - Performance index [(0)..1]
 perfmatrixQ         - Performance weighting matrix Q
 perfmatrixR         - Performance weighting matrix R
 localminerr         - Local error minimalization [0|(1)]
 con_invariance      - Invariance of terminal set enforced [(0)|1]
 con_input           - Input constraints enforced [(0)|1]
 termsetH            - Terminal set for invariance constraint,
 termsetK                defined by termsetH*x <= termsetK.
 gridtype            - Type of grid used [(uniform)|non-uniform]
 resolutiontype      - Type of resolution used [(single)|multi]
 refinement_axes     - Axes on which to refine, e.g. [1 2 4], or
                         '0' for all (default)
 divisions           - Number of divisions per axis, e.g. [8 12],
                         in case of a uniform single-resolution grid.
 initialgrid         - Optional, [np*nx] matrix of vertices for
                         specifying a single-resolution grid.
 minlevel            - Minimal level of refinement [1..maxlevel(1)],
                         in case of a multi-resolution grid
 maxlevel            - Maximal level of refinement [1..inf(1)],
                         in case of a multi-resolution grid
 maxregions          - Maximum number of regions [1..inf(2^nx)],
                         in case of a multi-resolution grid
 solver              - Solver to use [''|cdd|clp|cplex|cvx|glpk|(linprog)|sedumi|yalmip]
 useyalmip           - Use Yalmip as an interface [(0)|1]
 multithreading      - Use multithreading [(0)|1]
 verbosity           - Verbosity level [0|1|2|...(0)] (0-silent, 1-normal, >1-loud)
 diagmode            - Diagnostic mode [(0)|1]
 savesolveroutput    - Save solver output [(0)|1] for diagnostic use
 funhandle           - Specify a handle for function approximation
 optionsMPT          - Use MPT options structure for calls to MPT

See also

pwarApproximation, pwarApproxSettingsCheck.



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