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DEMO1 - Design and circuit implementation of exact and approximate MPC control laws - FPGA-in-the-loop simulation of closed-loop system

DEMO2 - Design and circuit implementation of piece-wise affine simplicial virtual sensors



MOBY-DIC Toolbox is a MATLAB tolbox for the automatical generation of embedded digital controllers, starting from the definition of the dynamical system to control and of the constraints to be fulfilled.
The toolbox brings together, in an automated flow, the design of high performances control systems (with Model Predictive Control technique) and the design of digital circuits, to be implemented on FPGAs, for the computation of such controllers.
This allows to take into account circuit specifications during the control design phase.

Control design

The toolbox provides an easy to use interface to other popular toolboxes such as Hybrid Toolbox or Multi Parametric Toolbox for the design of explicit MPC control laws for the regulation of constrained discrete-time affine systems.
Furthermore, with MOBY-DIC Toolbox, approximate controllers can be designed, able to reduce the circuit computation times while mantaining the desired stability properties.
Tools for the a-posteriori stability analysis of exact and approximate controllers are available.

Circuit design

VHDL files describing digital circuits for the implementation of exact and approximate MPC controllers are automatically generated with the toolbox.
Many circuit parameters are configurable through MATLAB and the circuit performances are known a priori.


Tools for the Simulink simulation of closed-loop systems are provided.
The continuous-time plant can be simulated together with one of the available controllers (exact or approximate) to validate the control performances and stability properties.
Also the effects of circuit delays and data quantization can be taken into account during the simulation.

Virtual sensors

MOBY-DIC Toolbox also offers tools for the identification, validation and circuit implementation of Piecewise Affine virtual sensors.



MOBY-DIC Toolbox was developed within the EC project MOBY-DIC (FP7-INFSO-ICT-248858),


(in alphabetical order)

  • Davide Barcelli - IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy
  • Francesco Comaschi - University of Genoa, Italy
  • Bart Genuit - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Alberto Oliveri - University of Genoa, Italy
  • Tomaso Poggi - University of Genoa, Italy
  • Macarena C. Martinez Rodriguez - University of Seville, Spain
  • Matteo Rubagotti - IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy

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