Validates the virtual sensor through a test set of data


Method of virtualsensor object.


Given a matrix ut (optional) of dimensions $T \times n_u$ containing T measures of the system inputs, a matrix yt of dimensions $T \times n_y$ containing T measures of the measurable system outpute and a vector zt with T elements containing T measures of the output to estimate, this method estimates z from ut and yt and performs a comparison with the provided output zt. ut, yt and zt can also be cell arrays; each element of them corresponds to a time evolution of inputs and outputs starting from different initial conditions.

The Root Mean Square and the maximum error between z and zt are returned. A plot of the measured and estimated output and of the relative and absolute error between them is performed.


[zh err] = validate(object,yt,zt,[options])

yt and zt are matrices (or cell arrays of matrices) defining the test set. options is a structure with the following fields:

zh is the estimated output and err is a struct with fields MAX and RMSE containing the maximum and root mean square error respectively.

[zh err] = validate(object,ut,yt,zt,[options])



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