Piecewise Affine (hyper)Rectangular function object.


Class of the MOBY-DIC toolbox.


The pwar object describes a Piecewise Affine (hyper)Rectangular function, i.e. a PWA function defined on a domain partitioned into regular hyperrectangles. These are obtained by dividing each axis $x_j$ of the state domain into $m_j$ segments. If these $m_j$ segments on an axis have the same length, the partition is called uniform, otherwise it is called non-uniform.

A pwar function can also have a partition which is constructed from different levels of refinement, e.g. by subsequent refinement of some regions on each refinement level $k$, yielding new regions on level $k+1$. Such a function is called a multi-resolution function, distinct from the single-resolution case discussed above.

The value of the function inside a rectangular region $i$ defined by constraints $H_{i} x <= K_{i}$, is given by $u = F_{i}*x + G_{i}$.


fpwar = pwar()

Builds an empty pwar object.

fpwar = pwar(H, K, F, G, D)

Builds a pwar object from [1*nr] cells H, K, F and G containing the PWA function matrices, and a matrix D containing the domain.


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MOBY-DIC toolbox, pwag, pwas, pwarApproximation.



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