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Circuit implementations of PWL multivariate functions

We have developed three architectures for the circuit implementation of multivariate functions

  • Analog current-mode CMOS solution, suitable for functions depending on two variables. The following figure shows a PWL function and its analog implementation (PSPICE simulation). PWL analog results
  • Mixed-signal architecture. A digital integrated version of this architecture is available, implementing a PWL function with three inputs. PWL chip Implementation
  • Fully digital architecture. A version of this architecture with three inputs has been implemented on an FPGA. PWL FPGA Implementation

Involved People:

Major Publications:

  • Comaschi F, Genuit BAG, Oliveri A, Heemels WPMH and Storace M (2012), "FPGA implementations of piecewise affine functions based on multi-resolution hyperrectangular partitions", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers., Dec., 2012. Vol. 59(12), pp. 2920-2933.
  • Storace M and Poggi T (2011), "Digital architectures realizing piecewise-linear multi-variate functions: two FPGA implementations", International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications. Vol. 39, pp. 1-15. li>
  • Di Federico M, Poggi T, Julián P and Storace M (2010), "Integrated circuit implementation of multi-dimensional piecewise-linear functions", Digital Signal Processing., Dec., 2010. Vol. 20, pp. 1723-1732.


  • Italian Ministry of University and Research Grant - 2006-2008 (PRIN2006). Research network with the Universities of Genoa, Turin (Polytechnic), Rome "Tor Vergata". Title: "Approximation of networks of nonlinear dynamical systems (models of biologically plausible neurons) and implementation of parallel circuits for their emulation""
  • Italian Ministry of University and Research Grant - 2004-2006 (PRIN2004). Research network with the Universities of Genoa, Turin, Rome "Tor Vergata", and Bari. Title: "CNN application to real time processing of ophthalmic images as medical diagnosis support".
  • Italian and Argentine Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in the framework of the bilateral agreement for scientific and technologic cooperation between Italy and Argentine 2004-2005 (Argentine coordinator: Prof. Pedro Julián, Universidad Nacional del Sur). Title: "Circuit implementations of piecewise-linear systems "

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