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Modelling of nonlinear phenomena

One of the themes that runs through the NCAS research activities is the applicability of all kinds of mathematical ideas to "real-world" problems. Some of these arise in attempts to explain/model natural phenomena, such as hysteresis or signals production by a nerve axon. Other applications are found in the huge field of information processing (e.g., algorithms and circuits for real-time image processing) or parameter estimation from measured time-series (e.g., in black-box dynamical systems identification and modelling).
A significant part of the mathematical ideas and tools recurrent in these research activities follows from the inverse problems theory. A brief, non exhaustive summary of the topics of interest is the following:
  • Optimization and synthesis of devices
  • Model fitting
  • Image analysis
  • Integral equations solution
  • Parameter estimation, regularization, model resolution
  • Classification and regression

Involved People:

Major Publications:

  • De Feo, O. & Storace, M.
    Piecewise-linear identification of nonlinear dynamical systems in view of their circuit implementations
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 2007, 54, 1542-1554
  • Anzalone, A.; Bizzarri, F.; Storace, M. & Parodi, M.
    A Cellular Nonlinear Network for image fusion based on data regularization
    International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2006, 34, 533-546
  • Repetto, L.; Parodi, M. & Storace, M.
    A procedure for the computation of accurate PWL approximations of nonlinear dynamical systems
    International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2006, 34, 237-248


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